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May 19, 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are thrilled to share that this week is packed with exciting events for our students! As we head into this
busy time, we also take a moment to recognize the importance of Memorial Day. This day holds special
significance for me personally, as I have family members who have faithfully served in the armed forces.
Memorial Day reminds us to honor and remember the sacrifices made by those who have served our

In addition to our upcoming events, we are now just four weeks away from final exams. It is crucial for
students to begin their preparation now to ensure they perform their best. For students in grades 6 through
11, performing well on exams demonstrates a pattern of hard work leading to success, which is essential
for their academic growth and the college application process. Strong exam scores can enhance college
applications by demonstrating academic competence and readiness for higher education. Please see the
final exams schedule list below, separately for both middle and high school students

We encourage all students to start reviewing their materials, seek help if needed, and develop a study plan
to manage their time effectively. Your support during this period is invaluable, and together we can help our
students achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

General Announcements:
Student Spotlight:
On Friday, May 17th, Jacob Liberati embraced a moment of pride and anticipation as he officially
committed to playing college baseball at Manhattanville University. This milestone marks the culmination of
years of dedication, passion, and hard work. With dreams soaring high, Jacob's signing signals the dawn of
an exhilarating new chapter, blending athletics and academics seamlessly. Congratulations, Jacob, on this
remarkable achievement!
Advanced Placement Administration:
We have completed the administration of Advanced Placement exams and are immensely proud of our
scholars for showcasing scholarship and perseverance. Over the span of two weeks, 97 students have
taken a total of 192 different exams, correcting last week’s information. Our dedicated teachers have
devoted countless hours to preparing our scholars for these crucial college-level assessments. A heartfelt
thank you goes to Mr. DeBellis, our Test Coordinator, and Mr. Sweeney for their diligent efforts in proctoring
the exams for our students.

Senior Internship Program:
With the conclusion of the Advanced Placement exams on Friday, May 17th, all seniors will begin their
internships. This experience is incredibly important for our students, as it provides them with valuable
hands-on learning opportunities and a chance to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. Internships
offer a unique glimpse into professional environments, helping students to build practical skills, gain
industry insights, and make informed decisions about their future careers. Moreover, this experience
fosters personal growth, enhances resumes, and builds networks that can be beneficial for future job
prospects. We are confident that our students will greatly benefit from this opportunity and look forward to
seeing them thrive in their respective internships.

Important Reminders:
● All seniors must complete 20 hours per week during their internship. This is mandatory, and your
site supervisors have been informed of this expectation. The 20-hour schedule should be
determined by your site sponsor and must also be completed during the week of June 4th, which
coincides with senior prom week.
● All seniors must keep a weekly journal to be turned in to Mrs. Mosa no later than June 17th.
Remember, this is a requirement of the internship program.
All seniors must return to THS for presentations between June 11th and June 18th. A sign-up genius in
Google Classroom was shared with students so that they can schedule their appointment.
Final Exam Schedules:
Please see the attached link to review the final exam schedules. We have included both the middle school
and high school final exam schedules separately. See below:
● Tuckahoe H.S.:
● Tuckahoe M.S.:
DARE Picnic and Pool Party at Lake Isle - Wednesday, May 29th:
We are thrilled to announce an exciting event happening this week for our 7th-grade students (ONLY) - a
DARE Picnic and Pool Party at Lake Isle! This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to celebrate their
completion of the DARE program in a fun and safe environment. Organized in collaboration with local law
enforcement, the event promises a memorable experience for everyone involved. School buses will
provide transportation to and from Lake Isle, ensuring everyone arrives safely. Permission slips will be
sent out shortly. All activities will be supervised by law enforcement officers, making this an unforgettable

Physics Day at Six Flags Great Adventure:
On Thursday, May 23rd, with the generous support of the PTA, students from Ms. Buchanan and Dr.
Giallorenzo's physics and AP classes will be visiting Six Flags Great Adventure for Physics Day. This
exciting opportunity has garnered a tremendous response from students, showcasing their keen interest in
attending. This trip is in keeping with our promise to provide students with authentic experiences, allowing
them to connect learning with real-life experiences. During this excursion, students will engage in hands-on
experiments to explore fundamental principles of physics such as velocity, potential and kinetic energy,
acceleration, and gravity, all while enjoying roller coasters and other thrill-seeking activities at the park.
They will utilize basic measuring tools provided by built-in software on their phones, as well as an
education packet provided by Six Flags. Although Great Adventure has offered Physics & Education Days
in the past, this marks the first opportunity for Tuckahoe students to participate.

6th Grade Spring Trip to Chelsea Piers:
This past Thursday, our 6th grade students and staff embarked on an exhilarating adventure to Chelsea
Piers, filled with laughter, teamwork, and unforgettable moments. From rock climbing challenges to thrilling
games, every minute was packed with excitement, making it a trip to remember!

TMHS Spring Band Concert:
Last Wednesday, the Tuckahoe Band Program presented its annual Spring Concert. The TMS Concert
Band, comprising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, kicked off the evening with vibrant rhythmic excitement.
Following them, the Tuckahoe Drumline took over, culminating their inaugural year with lively
improvisations that captivated the audience. Seniors Henry Podoll and Mateo Hernandez-Ferro led both
the Jazz Small-Combo and the Jazz Ensemble to resounding musical success. Finally, the flagship THS
Concert Band united the evening with beautiful and melodious symphonic band music. A rich, diverse, and
meaningful program of music was experienced and enjoyed by all!

TMHS Spring Strings Concert:
The Tuckahoe MS/HS Strings program will be presenting their spring concert on Monday, May 20 at 7PM
in the MS/HS auditorium. The concert "Music By The Numbers" will explore the intersection of music and
math. You won't want to miss this intriguing concert!

TMHS Spring Chorus Concert:
Join us for the Tuckahoe High School and Middle School Chorus Concert on Tuesday, May 28 (Rain date:
May 29th) on the THS Turf Field! Show your Tuckahoe School Spirit by wearing black and orange attire.
Middle School concert at 6:00 PM (arrive at 5:30), Nyssma concert at 6:30, and High School concert at
7:00 (HS students arrive at 6:00). We hope to see many of you in attendance!

TMHS Art Show:
Step into a world of creativity and imagination at The Tuckahoe Middle-High School Art Show on
Wednesday, May 22, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the Library. Join us for an evening filled with
awe-inspiring artworks crafted by our talented students. Don't miss this opportunity to support our creative
community and be inspired by their remarkable talents.

PTA Announcements
Upcoming PTA events
● PTA Dance Recital Day - Sunday, May 19th
● VOTE! for School Budget and BOE Open Seat - Tuesday, May 21st
● PTA Volunteer Recognition Night - Wednesday, May 22nd, 7:30 p.m., Generoso Pope
● MS/HS Art Show - Wednesday, May 22nd, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., TMS/HS
● 8th Grade Color Wars (during school hours) - Thursday, June 20th
For all the latest PTA News and Event Information, please be sure to visit TuckahoePTA.com regularly!

Important Reminders:
Update From the School Counseling Department:
Our counselors visited the 10th-grade classrooms to introduce Pathful Explore—a comprehensive career
planning resource. Pathful Explore includes interactive tools such as career interest and values
assessments, videos featuring real professionals, life skills content, and goal planning tools.

Your username is your full last name followed by the first letter of your first name, and your password is:
Tuckahoe (case-sensitive). You can access the platform at

SAT registration is now open for the 2024-25 testing year. Many colleges consider SAT scores as part of
their holistic admission and placement decisions, making it a valuable measure of your academic abilities.
Most juniors take their first SAT in the spring, with many opting to retake it in the fall of their senior year to
improve their scores. Doing so can help keep your college options open, showcase your unique strengths,
and even qualify you for scholarships.

The attached link provides a calendar listing the upcoming SAT dates and a direct link to the College
Board for exam registration.

Tuckahoe UFSD Memorial Day Commemoration:
The Tuckahoe Union Free School District Memorial Day Commemoration will take place on Tuesday, May
21 (rain date: May 22) at 9:30am on the THS Field. It's a time for our school community to come together in
remembrance and gratitude for those who have given their lives for the freedoms we cherish and pay
tribute to our fallen heroes.

Fall College Visit for Raising Senior (Current 11th Graders):
We are finalizing plans to take students from the current junior class on an overnight college visit to walk
the campuses of Boston College, Boston University, and either Northeastern University or Tufts University.
The trip is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 1st, and Wednesday, October 2nd. The goals of
the initiative are as follows:
● Campus Exploration: Experience the campus environment firsthand.
● Academic Insight: Learn about academic programs and department facilities.
● Admission Understanding: Understand admission requirements and processes.
● Student Life Engagement: Interact with current students and explore campus activities.
● Financial Aid Awareness: Discover financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
● Networking: Connect with admissions representatives and peers.
● Decision-Making Support: Compare colleges and make informed decisions.
● Motivation Boost: Gain inspiration for academic success and future goals.

With the generous donation of a community member, students will only be required to pay for their hotel
accommodation and meals. We anticipate that seats will be limited, so we encourage all students to
respond promptly when permission slips are provided. Special thank you to Mr. Treglia and Mrs. Perilo for
coordinating this event and providing our scholars with opportunities to explore their interests.

Here is a list of important dates:
Monday, May 20th - Spring Strings Concert
Tuesday, May 21st - Memorial Day Commemoration
Wednesday, May 22nd - TMHS Art Show
Friday, May 24 - Monday, May 27th - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 28th - Spring Chorus Concert
Wednesday, May 29th - 7th Grade DARE Picnic
Thursday, May 30th - THS Academic Awards

R. Arthur S. DeBellis A. Colasuonno

  • Spring Chorus Concert

    Spring Chorus Concert

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Spring Chorus Concert

    Spring Chorus Concert

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • D.A.R.E. Picnic

    D.A.R.E. Picnic

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • Raindate Spring Chorus Concert

    Raindate Spring Chorus Concert

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Raindate Spring Chorus Concert

    Raindate Spring Concert

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • PTA Dance Recital Cottle Performance

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Raindate - D.A.R.E. Picnic

    Raindate - D.A.R.E. Picnic

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • Cottle Field Day

    (Rain Date 6/14)

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Cottle Fifth Grade Luau

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Buddy Day

    Buddy Day

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • THS Library

    PTA Executive Board Meeting

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • Buddy Day

    Buddy Day

    Tuckahoe Middle School
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